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A ballot measure to invest in our region’s transportation system

Measure A is designed to provide a dedicated source of local revenue to invest in our region’s transportation future; these funds can’t be taken away by Sacramento. In November, voters countywide will be asked whether they support a ballot measure to invest in specific highway, transit, open space, bike, and pedestrian projects throughout the community.

SANDAG expects the measure, which would increase the local sales and use tax by one half-cent, would:

  • Invest in our region’s transportation system that needs repair
  • Provide for cities to fix roads and fill potholes
  • Have transparent oversight by local taxpayers to make sure funds are spent responsibly
  • Help address fire safety through open space management and road improvements
  • Create local jobs

What projects are included?

Measure A addresses infrastructure needs across the region – from filling potholes on local streets and relieving highway congestion, to improving transit connectivity and preserving more open space. Explore an interactive map to learn where highway and transit projects could be completed near you. The mix of projects and programs to be funded by Measure A was carefully prepared by looking at the needs of the region and using input from the public and the SANDAG Board of Directors. The result is a balanced plan that covers several project categories:

Infrastructure improvement funds can be used by local cities for fixing potholes, repairing and building roads and streets including sidewalks and bike paths, transit capital, operations, and maintenance as well as discount transit passes; open space acquisition and management, ADA accessibility, and complete streets implementation; beach sand maintenance and replenishment; implementation of transportation-related greenhouse gas reduction and climate adaptation measures; and watershed management measures, including projects that improve water quality.
$4.3 billion
Construction of Express Lanes and carpool lanes on I-5, SR 52, SR 78, and SR 94; carpool connectors at I-5/SR 78, I-15/SR 78, SR 52/I-805, SR 94/SR 15; SR 94/I-805, and I-805/SR 15; highway improvements on I-8, SR 52, SR 56, and SR 67; and freeway connectors between I-5/SR 56, I-5/SR 78, and SR 94/SR 125.
$2.6 billion
Building and operating a new north/south Trolley line from San Ysidro to Kearny Mesa; adding more than a dozen new Rapid routes to provide fast and frequent transit service around the region; double-tracking at various locations on the North Coast rail corridor; replacing vehicles for COASTER, SPRINTER, Trolley, Rapid, and local bus routes; enhancing local bus, COASTER and SPRINTER, and Blue, Orange, and Green line Trolley services with increased frequencies and longer hours of operation; and specialized transportation projects and programs designed to address the needs of seniors, students, disabled, low-income, and veterans.
$7.5 billion
Open space acquisition to implement the region's habitat conservation plans and support long-range plans to preserve 55 percent of our county as open space, and land management activities to maintain trails and remove non-native invasive vegetation that can contribute to wildfires; these funds for preserved open space can help reduce the risk of wildfires.
$2 billion
Bike and pedestrian improvements including bike lanes, sidewalks, crosswalks, and projects such as underpasses that separate trains and Trolleys from bike and pedestrian crossings.
$540 million
Improved timing of traffic signals to reduce stop-and-go traffic on major local streets.
$178 million
Projects such as underpasses so traffic does not have to stop when a train is coming.
$900 million

Source: Ordinance and Expenditure Plan, SANDAG Board of Directors, July 8, 2016

SANDAG recognizes that accelerated completion of certain high priority projects would provide more connections to regional job centers, provide transportation choices, and support economic/environmental opportunities for the San Diego region. These projects – some of which are in various stages of project development – are part of the Priority Corridors Program listed in the Ordinance; if voters approve the ballot measure, work on these projects would be advanced to complete more than a dozen transit and highway projects within 15 years.

On July 8, 2016 the SANDAG Board voted to place Measure A before the voters, which is titled ‘San Diego County Road Repair, Transit, Traffic Relief, Safety and Water Quality.’ Prior to the Board’s vote, SANDAG prepared informational materials that referred to the proposed measure as ‘Keep San Diego Moving Forward.’ Information that refers to ‘Keep San Diego Moving Forward’ is equally applicable to the ballot measure.